We are a charity association called “ABH Beit Mery” (Association de Bienfaisance Al Hara Beit Mery), founded in 1970 by the late “Antoine Assaf”, mayor of Beit Mery and Ain Saade from 1998 to 2005. ABH regroups families from the old Beit Mery neighborhood of Al Hara, who have come together to forge an undying bond of solidarity and work together as “one for all and all for one”. Through the years, despite the winds which troubled our beloved Lebanon, we have continued to grow. Today we count more than 800 members.


“In unity, strength”. This has always been the conviction of our founder, Antoine Assaf, who believed that great sufferings could be eased if shared with caring others. In 1969, he thought of establishing an association dedicated to help families carry the burden of life following the death of a beloved. The membership fees were to be symbolic. The idea was unanimously approved by the community and after careful preparation and due legal procedures, ABH Beit Mery saw the light on August 12th 1970 by virtue of the Interior Ministry’s registration license number 691A/D.


Our services have evolved over the years. From financial assistance to families in the event of death, we now offer:

1- Hospitalization allowance for up to 1000 USD per member/ per year

2- Financial assistance for child delivery

3- Financial prizes for over achieving students